Mercedes Benz A180 2011

Mercedes is a German car Mercedes Benz A180 2011 company that puts you in touch with your car and takes you all over the world. This company makes smart luxury cars, has a signature look, and has features that work well. Mercedes is known as the most reputable name in the global auto industry because of its strong brand name and classy look. Today, Mercedes offers the widest range of different cars to meet the needs and preferences of their customers. You can choose any car you want from Sedans, SUVs, Convertibles and Roadsters, Wagons, Coupes, Hybrids, and electric cars. As used cars are usually cheaper and more economical, you should never let that affect how well they run or how well they work. There are some trustworthy international traders and exporters who sell all used or second-hand Mercedes cars at high quality and a great price. Depending on what the product needs, Mercedes makes their cars with the help of smart teams and technical designers. They also help the automotive industry by selling their futuristic models all over the world. Fuel economy, manual or automatic transmission, comfort and convenience, safety and protection, interior design, exterior design, connectivity specs, and the car's chassis and body dimensions are all different for each model.


  • Stock No                                                                U-1560
  • Location:                                            Khushi Motors Msa branch
  • Vin No                                                                       2J91
  • Body Type                                                          Hatchback
  • Make                                                               Mercedes Benz
  • Model                                                                       A180
  • Mileage
  • Fuel Type                                                                Petrol
  • Engine Capacity                                                   1700cc
  • the Year                                                                           2011
  • Transmission                                                     Automatic
  • Drive Type                                                              2WD
  • Ext Color                                                                 Red
  • Int. Color                                                                Black
  • Doors                                                                          5
  • Seats                                                                            5
  • Drive Side                                                   Right Hand Side

Additional Features:

Steering controls, power mirrors, power windows, power doors, high beam LED headlamps, Turn signal mirrors, ample boot space, Alloy rims, Power mirrors/windows/doors, Auto start/stop, Traction control, LCD screen, Navigation, AC, Suzuki eNe charge