Isuzu Forward Dump 2013:

Commercial vehicles ranging from medium- to heavy-duty models are part of the Isuzu Forward series. The Forward Dump version is made expressly for the efficient transportation and unloading of commodities, which are frequently used in the mining, construction, and agricultural sectors. Sturdy Construction: Isuzu Forward trucks are renowned for their robust construction and durability, which allow them to easily handle high loads and difficult terrain. Strong Engine Performance: Outfitted with strong diesel engines that have been fine-tuned for torque and towing capability, allowing for the effective transportation of a wide range of commodities. Dump Body Function: The hydraulically driven dump bed of the dump truck configuration makes it possible to unload materials at job sites with ease and control. Payload Capacity: These trucks can carry a lot of stuff, such dirt, gravel, sand, or debris, because of their large payload capabilities. Ergonomic cabins, cutting-edge controls, and safety systems are just a few of the amenities that some models may come equipped with to help enhance driver comfort and safety. While there may have been developments or upgrades in engine economy, technology, or safety pieces, the 2013 edition of the Isuzu Forward Dump truck certainly kept these essential attributes. You may purchase it at a very reasonable cost on the Khushi Motor website.


  • Stock No.                                           X-0174
  • Location                                  Khushi Motors Msa branch
  • Vin No.                                               FRR90
  • Body Type.                                         Dump
  • Make.                                                   Isuzu
  • Model                                             Forward Dump
  • Fuel Type.                                          Diesel
  • Engine Capacity                               5200cc
  • Year                                                      2013
  • Transmission                               Automatic
  • Drive Type                                         2WD
  • Ext Color.                                           Pearl
  • Int. Color.                                          Black
  • Doors.                                                     2
  • Seats.                                                      3
  • Drive side.                                  Right Hand Side
Additional features: Load capacity 13400kg, Tipper.