Nissan JUKE 2016:

The 2016 Nissan Juke is a boldly designed compact span SUV that is known for its dynamic performance and aggressive styling. This vehicle is well-known for its distinctive look and deft handling; it also makes for a fun driving experience. The Juke's striking and eye-catching appearance contributes to its aggressive and unusual outside design. It stands out in the span market thanks to its aggressive front grille, pronounced wheel arches, and sculpted lines that give it an untamed look. The Juke's inside pieces have a practical, comfortable, and athletic design. Even with its small size, the cabin has enough room for both passengers and baggage. The car has available tech pieces, easy-to-use controls, and modern infotainment systems that improve enjoyment and convenience. Nissan offers a range of customization options that let customers customize the Juke to suit their tastes. Its small size and adaptability make it a good choice for city driving, and the all-wheel-drive option increases its capacity to handle a variety of road conditions. The 2016 Nissan Juke is a standout span SUV thanks to its unique style, dynamic performance, and an array of customizability choices. Its distinctive outward design, nimble handling, and wealth of features appeal to anyone looking for a small car that's fun to drive in cities and expressive, bringing a dash of adventure to weekend excursions or daily commutes.


  • Stock No.                                            Z-1211
  • Vin No.                                                 F15
  • Body Type.                                Subcompact crossover SUV
  • Make.                                                 Nissan
  • Model                                                   Juke
  • Mileage.                                             119524km
  • Fuel Type.                                          Petrol
  • Engine Capacity                               1600cc
  • Year                                                      2016
  • Transmission                                      CVT
  • Drive Type                                   2WD Front
  • Ext Color.                                          White
  • Int. Color.                                          Black
  • Doors.                                                    5
  • Seats.                                                     5
  • Drive side.                                 Right Hand Side
Additional features: Grade 16GT, Engine type MR16DDT, Halogen headlights, Xenon headlamps, Fog lights, Power mirrors with turn signals, Alloy rims, Central lock, Power windows/doors/steering, Traction Control, Lane keeping assist, Push to start, Reverse camera.