Suzuki Alto 2015:

A compact automobile that epitomizes simplicity, usefulness, and affordability is the 2015 Suzuki Alto. It offers a straightforward method of transportation because it was created for urban settings. Exterior: The 2015 Alto has a simple, gasified outside design. It fits perfectly in metropolitan streets and roomy parking places because of its small size and simple design. The headlights and front grille keep the vehicle practical and creative while also increasing its overall success. Interior: The Alto's inside is practical yet welcoming. With functionality in mind, the cabin is equipped with key pieces and controls that are aptly located. The seating configuration is practical and provides enough comfort for daily commuting and short trips. Fuel Economy: The 2015 Alto is distinguished by its fuel order. Its compact and lightweight design, when coupled with one of its powerful engine choices, produces great fuel economy. Because of this, it is a practical option for individuals trying to cut down on fuel costs. Suzuki Alto 2015 price: A used 2015 Suzuki Alto's price can change depending on its condition, mileage, and location. The Alto is a sensible and cost-effective alternative to the old car market because of its generally cheap nature, which makes it an enticing option for people looking for dependable transportation without a high price tag. Conclusion: For those looking for straightforward yet dependable transportation, the 2015 Suzuki Alto is famous for if an affordable and cost-effective solution. Its pricing, both as a new car and as a used car, returns its focus on fair, making it a desirable option for pragmatic drivers seeking to maximize their value.


  • Stock No                                                                          Z-0040
  • Location                                                       Khushi Motors Msa branch
  • Vin No                                                                              HA36S
  • Body Type                                                                    Hatchback
  • Make                                                                                Suzuki
  • Model                                                                                  Alto
  • Mileage                                                                           98002km
  • Fuel Type                                                                          Petrol
  • Engine Capacity                                                              660cc
  • Year                                                                                     2015
  • Transmission                                                              Automatic
  • Drive Type                                                                        2WD
  • Ext Color                                                                           Red
  • Int. Color                                                                          Grey
  • Doors                                                                                    5
  • Seats                                                                                     4
  • Drive side                                                             Right Hand Side

Additional Features:

High beam LED Headlamps, Power mirrors/windows/doors, Auto start/stop, Traction control, LCD screen, Navigation, AC, Suzuki eNe charge.