Suzuki Alto 2016: The Japanese company Suzuki produces the Suzuki Alto, a small vehicle. The Suzuki Alto 2016 model provides a compact and fuel-efficient car option ideal for urban commutes and frugal travel. Here are some essential attributes and details of the 2016 Suzuki Alto: The normally has a small-displacement petrol engine as an option. Depending on the market and trim level, the engine's displacement is typically between 0.66 and 0.8 liters. Capacity for Seating: The Alto 2016 has room for up to four passengers. There are two rows of seats, with the back ones being more ideal for short trips and having less legroom. The Alto 2016's interior was created with simplicity and utility in mind. Basic interior items including manual windows, manual air conditioning, a simple stereo system, and fabric upholstery may be present. Exterior Layout: The 2016 Alto has a boxy, small exterior layout that makes it easy to manoeuvre in confined urban areas. It usually has a modest grille, small headlights, and a straightforward design. It's crucial to remember that the Suzuki Alto 2016's features and specs can change according on the individual market and trim level. For the most precise and recent details about the 2016 Suzuki Alto, it is advised to consult the official Suzuki website or get in touch with a Suzuki dealership in Khushi Motors. Specifications:
  • Stock No.                                                                Z-0937
  • Vin No.                                                                   HA36S
  • Body Type.                                                          Hatchback
  • Make.                                                                      Suzuki
  • Model                                                                         Alto
  • Mileage                                                                 167223km
  • Fuel Type.                                                               Petrol
  • Engine Capacity                                                     660cc
  • Year                                                                            2016
  • Transmission                                                      Automatic
  • Drive Type                                                           2WD Front
  • Ext Color.                                                                 Brown
  • Int. Color.                                                                   Grey
  • Doors.                                                                            5
  • Seats.                                                                             5
  • Drive side.                                                        Right Hand Side
Additional features: L grade, Engine type R06A, Suzuki ENE-CHARGE, halogen headlamps, anti collision, traction control, auto start / stop, cup holders, front heated seats, Radio, AC, auxiliary port, power steering, power windows.