Toyota Fielder 2015: A practical and dependable small station wagon that provides a pleasurable and adaptable driving experience is the 2015 Toyota Fielder. The Fielder is a well-liked option for individuals and families looking for an efficient daily car thanks to its roomy interior. The Fielder 2015's outstanding fuel economy is one of its main selling points. The Fielder's fuel economy is remarkable and its available engines are efficient, so you can save money on fuel and lessen your impact on the environment. Whether you're doing long road trips or commuting in the city, the Fielder guarantees a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly driving experience. The Fielder is simple to maneuver in crowded urban areas because to its quick and agile driving dynamics. Its small size and excellent visibility make driving through packed streets and parking in small spots simple. Overall, the 2015 Toyota Fielder is a dependable and practical option for anyone looking for a small station wagon. It is the perfect choice for individuals and families looking for a flexible and pleasant daily driver due to its fuel efficiency, and useful amenities. The Fielder succeeds on numerous fronts, offering a stable and pleasurable driving experience, whether you need a car for everyday commutes, shopping trips, or weekend vacations. Specification:
  • Stock No                                           Y-1362
  • Location                            Khushi Motors Más branch
  • Vin No                                              NZE165
  • Body Type                                       Station wagon
  • Make                                                Toyota
  • Model                                              Fielder
  • Mileage
  • Fuel Type                                       Petrol
  • Engine Capacity                          1500cc
  • Year                                               2015
  • Transmission                              Automatic
  • Drive Type                                   2WD
  • Ext Color                                      Silver
  • Int Color                                       Black
  • Doors                                            5
  • Seats                                             5
  • Drive side                                    Right Hand Side
Additional features: High Beam LED headlights, power mirrors with integrated turn signal lights, rear spoiler with integrated brake lights, keyless entry, push start, steering controls, LCD screen, auto start / stop with front and rear AC, traction control, ABS, ample boot space