Toyota Hilux D Cabin 2016:

The Toyota Hilux Double Cab, popularly known as the "D Cabin," is a well-known multipurpose pickup truck that debuted in 2016. The 2016 Toyota Hilux D Cabin has long been a favorite among drivers due to its durability, dependability, and genius. Let's look at some of its important qualities and why it's still a popular choice for individuals looking for a durable and adaptable vehicle. Design and Exterior: The 2016 Toyota Hilux D Cabin pieces a strong and modern design that is both useful and appealing. A powerful front grille, bright headlamps, and well-defined body lines give it a commanding stance on the road. The double cab format provides plenty of volume for both passengers and baggage, making it an excellent choice for those who require a vehicle that can handle both work and play. inside Comfort and Technology: The inside of the cabin is well-appointed, merging comfort and process. The seats are built for lengthy travels, with plenty of legroom and support. The dashboard incorporates cutting-edge technology, such as a touchscreen infotainment system, Bluetooth connectivity, and optional navigation choices, making it simple to keep connected and engaged while on the road. Durability and Reliability: The Toyota Hilux is known for its renowned durability and reliability. The 2016 Hilux D Cabin is noted for its long-lasting performance and ability to handle harsh areas and strenuous workloads. In conclusion, the 2016 Toyota Hilux D Cabin is a durable and adaptable pickup truck that excels in performance, off-road capability, and safety. Its combination of toughness and modern pieces makes it an excellent choice for both individuals and organizations, and its reputation for dependability assures that it will continue to be a useful asset for many years to come.


  • Stock No.                    1434
  • Vin No.                        MR0GB8
  • Type.                            Pickup
  • Make.                           Toyota
  • Model                           Hilux D Cabin
  • Mileage.                       62570km
  • Fuel Type.                     Diesel
  • Engine Capacity           2800cc
  • Year                                 2016
  • Transmission                Automatic
  • Drive Type                     2WD
  • Ext Color.                        Blue
  • Int. Color.
  • Doors.                                5
  • Seats.                                 5
  • Drive side.                         Right Hand Side
Additional Features: EX Thailand, High beam halogen headlights, Fog lights, 2.8L turbo High power diesel common rail injection, 6 speed Automatic floor shift, fog lights, excellent off-road capability