Toyota Passo 2015

A subcompact hatchback with a small, versatile, and effective driving space is the 2015 Toyota Passo. Although the Passo is not as well-known as some other Toyota models, it is praised for its usefulness, dependability, and fuel efficiency. Let's look at the main characteristics and pieces of the 2015 Toyota Passo: look and Design: The Toyota Passo has a sleek and small look that makes it perfect for city driving and crammed parking places. It often has a sleek, modern, aerodynamic appearance with a prominent front grille. Because of its small size, the Passo is simple to control in crowded cities. Interior & Seating: The Passo has a surprisingly roomy and elegant inside considering its compact outward proportions. Up to five passengers can frequently find comfortable seating in the well-appointed cabin. Since the rear seats are usually adjustable and may be folded down to increase the luggage space, it is convenient for carrying heavier objects or going on errand runs. Fuel Economy: The 2015 Toyota Passo performs admirably in terms of fuel economy. It frequently gets exceptional mileage thanks to its lightweight construction and compact, efficient engine. As a result, it is a practical option for daily commute and city driving. The 2015 Toyota Passo is a durable and practical subcompact hatchback that excels at commuting and city driving. It is a fantastic option for single people or small families searching for a reasonably priced and effective vehicle because of its tiny size, fuel ability, and flexible interior. The 2015 Toyota Passo is a notable option to take into consideration if you place a high priority on fuel efficiency and convenience in your everyday commutes.


  • Stock No                            Y-1443
  • Location                            Khushi Motors Msa branch
  • Vin No                               KGC30
  • Body Type                         Hatchback
  • Make                                  Toyota
  • Model                                Passo
  • Mileage                             16915km
  • Fuel Type                          Petrol
  • Engine Capacity              1000cc
  • Year                                   2015
  • Transmission                  Automatic
  • Drive Type                       2WD Front
  • Ext Color                          Pink
  • Int. Color                          Brown
  • Doors                                 5
  • Seats                                  5
  • Drive side                         Right Hand Side
Additional features: Very low mileage, Halogen headlights, power windows/doors/mirrors, engine start-stop system, traction control, driver armrest with cup holder section, ample boot space.