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We need you to sign up. Once you have signed up, fill out the form of ASK Price and you can buy any car you want.

Most of the time, we have more than a thousand cars in stock. You can also get access to about 10,000 cars a week that are for sale at the online auctions we cover.

We don’t take credit card payments because credit card fraud happens so often. We only accept payment through a transfer from your bank to our bank account.

We can’t tell you exactly when your car will be delivered to you because it all depends on the schedule of the shipping company. But your car will be sent on the first ship that can take it. It usually takes between 1 and 2 weeks.

If the price is FOB, you will have to pay the Freight charge, Clearance fee, import duty, Registration fee, Compliance fee, and any other fees that may be required by your country’s import rules.


If the price is C&F, you can leave the freight cost out of the list above.


LHD cars aren’t very popular in Kenya. If a customer asks for LHD cars, we will deliver them.

When you cancel an order, we might have to resell that car at an auction or in some other way. So, if you cancel the order, you have to pay the balance as well as any other costs.

All of the cars are carefully checked to make sure that the specifications on the specification sheet are the same as the ones on the car.

We have professionals with a lot of training who carefully check the cars. Before the pros bid on a car, they make sure that the information given by the auction house about the car’s specs and condition matches what the car is really like.


If you have more questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

Our salesperson can show you pictures of vehicles, or you can come to our office directly.

When a customer buys a car from Khushi Motor, they must get insurance.


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Visit our website and speak directly with our professional experts if you have any questions or concerns regarding anything at all.
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