Isuzu Elf 2014

A truck is a medium-sized to large vehicle Isuzu Elf 2014 whose main job is to move large amounts of goods and cargo for business. Modern trucks mostly run on diesel fuel and vary a lot in size, how much they can carry, and how they look, but they all have a wider space in the back for cargo. The Isuzu Elf Truck N-Series looks good, has a lot of power, gets good gas mileage, and has safety features. The models shown on the web are powered by the next-generation 4HK1-TCN engine, which is the newest of ISUZU's clean diesel engines that use less fuel. This high-tech engine has a lot of power and uses very little gas, making it good for business. Also, the high-output 4JJ1-TC has an In-line-four Direct-injection DOHC inter-cooled turbo 2,999cc engine with great torque (BKG-NJR85A) Max. Output 130ps / 2,800rpm, Max. Torque 330N.m (34.0kg-m). There are options for both semi-automatic and manual transmission. The models shown can carry up to 2 TONS of weight. The fifth generation of the Elf truck came out in 1993. During the long years of this generation, many changes were made that made the truck most people know. In the 1990s, the Elf truck went through many small changes, such as updates to the hood, engine rules, grille, and airbags. During the 2000s, bigger changes were made, such as the dual mode MT specification, drive-by-wire, which uses an electronically controlled throttle, and cooperation control of the engine, clutch, and transmission when changing gears. In 2005, a hybrid version of the truck came out. If the hybrid system broke, the truck could still work with a diesel engine.


  • Stock No                                                                  Y-0732
  • Location                                             Khushi Motors Msa branch
  • Vin No                                                                       NPR85
  • Body Type                                                                 Truck
  • Make                                                                           Isuzu
  • Model                                                                            Elf
  • Mileage
  • Fuel Type                                                                 Diesel
  • Engine Capacity                                                    3000cc
  • Year                                                                             2014
  • Transmission                                                         Manual
  • Drive Type                                                                 2WD
  • Ext Color                                                                   White
  • Int. Color                                                                   Black
  • Doors                                                                             4
  • Seats                                                                               3
  • Drive side                                                   Right Hand Side

Additional Features:

Refrigerator body, Carrying Capacity 3000kg, Vehicle weight 3780kg, Vehicle Total weight 6945kg, Length 683cm, width 221cm, Height 313cm, Fog lights, High beam LED headlamps, double rear tire.