Toyota Hilux Double Cabin 2015

Since 1968, the Toyota Hilux Double Cabin 2015 has been a popular pick-up truck. Right now, the 8th generation has just come out. The 5th (1988–1997) and 6th (1997–2004) generations are more popular on the used car market. There are many different kinds of engines, such as the 3.0-Liter in-line-four OHC (Overhead Cam) diesel 91ps (KF-LN167), the 2.4-Liter OHC diesel turbo, and the 2.0-Liter OHC gasoline. There are either 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmissions, and the drive trains are either FR (Front Engine Rear Drive) or 4WD (Four Wheel Drive). Safety features change from generation to generation, but since the 5th generation, all models have airbags and ABS (Anti-lock Brake System). Starting with the most recent generation, the Hilux got more upgrades, such as 2-wheel drive options that are quiet and good on gas for cities and highways, and a 4-wheel drive option for rough terrain or roads that are slick. The outside of the Hilux also got a new look that was meant to make it look powerful and active. Putting a steel bumper in a low spot on the deck makes it easy for people to get in and out of your car, especially when you're loading or unloading it. Also, a big help grip was added to make it easier to get in and out of the car.


  • Stock No                                                                                    TX-68
  • Location                                                                Khushi Motors MSA branch
  • Vin No                                                                                      MR0ER
  • Body Type                                                                            Pickup Truck
  • Make                                                                                          Toyota
  • Model                                                                            Hilux Double Cabin
  • Mileage                                                                                   49177km
  • Fuel Type                                                                                  Diesel
  • Engine Capacity                                                                     2400cc
  • Year                                                                                            2015
  • Transmission                                                                       Automatic
  • Drive Type                                                                                2WD
  • Ext Color                                                                                    Red
  • Int. Color                                                                                 Brown
  • Doors                                                                                             4
  • Seats                                                                                               5
  • Drive side                                                                         Right Hand Side

Additional Features:

Turbo engine, LCD display ,Fog lights, turn signal mirrors, alloy rims, power mirrors/doors/steering/windows, steering controls, eco mode, power mode.