Isuzu D Max Double Cab 2015:

Isuzu defied expectations in its class when it unveiled the D Max Double Cab in 2015. It is a powerful and adaptable pickup truck. The commanding performance and exceptional flexibility of the 2015 Isuzu D Max Double Cab are highlighted in this article's examination of the vehicle's distinguishing pieces. The outside styling of the 2015 D Max Double Cab radiated tough capability. The truck's strong, chiseled lines added to its longevity and aerodynamic effectiveness in addition to its aesthetic value. This pickup truck was designed to undertake difficult jobs thanks to its pronounced grille, powerful fenders, and useful bed. The D Max Double Cab was powered by a variety of strong and fuel-efficient diesel engines. The D-Max is appropriate for both work and play thanks to these powerful torque and horsepower outputs. The D-Max's performance was consistent whether it was driving along the highway, pulling large loads, or negotiating off-road routes. The D-Max's pieces demonstrated Isuzu's industry to safety. The truck offered a safe driving experience, from its strengthened cabin structure to the availability of cutting-edge safety pieces. The experience of driving has become more convenient and connected thanks to modern technology, including infotainment options and driver-assistance systems. The 2015 Isuzu D Max Double Cab stood out in the pickup truck category by skillfully fusing toughness and adaptability. The D-Max changed what it meant to be a dependable and capable pickup truck with its tough outside, potent performance, varied utility, off-road capability, and attention to safety and technology.


  • Stock No                                            RMT-07
  • Location                           Khushi Motors Msa branch
  • Vin No                                               MP1TFS
  • Body Type                                   Pick Up Truck
  • Make                                                    Isuzu
  • Model                                     D Max Double Cab
  • Mileage                                              140261km
  • Fuel Type                                            Diesel
  • Engine Capacity                              3000cc
  • Year                                                       2015
  • Transmission                                 Automatic
  • Drive Type                                          4WD
  • Ext Color                                              Red
  • Int. Color                                           Brown
  • Doors                                                    4
  • Seats                                                      5
  • Drive Side                                Right-Hand Side
Additional Features: High Beam headlights, Low Beam headlights, Daytime running lights, Power mirrors with integrated turn signal lights and chrome cover, Roof rails, alloy rims, Electronic Stability Control, Steering controls for music system, grip control, power doors/windows/seats, leather inside, reverse camera, push start button, 2H/4H/4L knob option, cup holders, AC, side steps.