ISUZU MUX 2015 On the practical side, the front of the car has a short bumper that gives it a good approach angle. It can get over rocks and logs because it has a good amount of ground clearance. The back has a short overhang for a good departure angle, just like the front. The mu-X is better off-road than some other SUVs because it has big tires and wheels that aren't too big. The style of the rest of the mu-body X's is clear. A long accent line goes from the front fender to the door handles to the rear taillight. Large fender flares above each wheel look like a body builder's ripped biceps, giving the car a wide but defined look. The back of the car is just as well made as the front. The Isuzu mu-X seems to be a smart, well-rounded SUV as a whole. Let's see if the inside keeps up with the trend. The Isuzu mu-outside X's is pretty smooth. The grille, window trim, wheels, and rear tailgate of the Isuzu all have a lot of chrome. The molded covers hide the Xenon headlights. LED daytime running lights make the bumper brighter, and fog lights make it easier to see on dark roads.



  • Stock No                                                 TX-56
  • Location                               Khushi Motors Msa branch
  • Vin No                                                   MP1775
  • Body Type                                               SUV
  • Make                                                       Isuzu
  • Model                                                     MUX
  • Mileage                                               51684Km
  • Fuel Type                                               Diesel
  • Engine Capacity                                    3000
  • Year                                                         2015
  • Transmission                                    Automatic
  • Drive Type                                             4WD
  • Ext Color                                                Silver
  • Int. Color                                               Ivory
  • Doors                                                         5
  • Seats                                                          7
  • Drive side                                   Right Hand Side

Additional Features:

High Beam Headlights, Low beam lights, Daytime Running lights, fog lights, Power mirrors integrated with turn signal lights, Alloy rims, rear fog lights, Rear spoiler with brake lights integrated, Push start ignition, traction control, power driver seats, steering radio/music controls, power windows/doors, passenger AC vents, LCD screen with reverse camera, 2H/4H/4L knob option, center infotainment screen, pedal locks, USB/Aux ports, turbo engine, neat leather interior, Electronic stability, reclining rear seats for more boot space.