Mercedes Benz G550 2013:

Indeed! We're going to talk about the Mercedes Benz G550, which is an incredibly stylish and competent vehicle that seamlessly blends luxury and toughness, making it ready for every adventure. Like that adaptable friend who knows how to mix luxury and off-road capability with ease, the Mercedes-Benz G550. Its distinctive boxy shape gives it a tough appearance, yet when you step inside, you're met with an air of sheer luxury—it's like being in a five-star hotel on wheels! This friend has a classic yet striking appearance. The boxy shape of the G550 exudes adventure, and the plush cabin has the vibe of a VIP lounge. It's the ideal fusion of stylish and tough! Adventures off the road? Not a concern! In terms of off-roading, the G550 is a beast. It's similar to having a friend who is always ready for an exciting adventure and can handle challenging terrain with ease. Enter and experience the ultimate in comfort and elegance. With its luxurious interior, cutting-edge technology, and comfortable seats, it's like having a tech-savvy friend who showers you with the newest conveniences, making every trip seem effortless. This friend has strength under the hood; it's not just pretty! The G550 is a pleasure to drive both on and off the road because of its powerful engine. It's like having an impressive supercharged friend. The Mercedes-Benz G550 is the pinnacle of opulent adventure vehicles. It's similar to having a trustworthy companion who can handle rough terrain or cruise through urban streets with equal ease. The G550 is your best friend when it comes to off-road excitement and luxurious comfort if you're looking for a luxurious SUV that turns heads and is equally elegant and capable.


  • Stock No
  • Vin No                                                                  WDB46
  • Body Type                                                              SUV
  • Make                                                              Mercedes Benz
  • Model                                                                    G550
  • Mileage                                                             119629km
  • Fuel Type                                                            Petrol
  • Engine Capacity                                               5500cc
  • Year                                                                       2013
  • Transmission                                                 Automatic
  • Drive Type                                                          4WD
  • Ext Color                                                            Silver
  • Int. Color                                                            Black
  • Doors                                                                      5
  • Seats                                                                        5
  • Drive Side                                                  Right Hand Side
Additional Features: Sunroof, Round shaped front High Beam LED headlamps, Improved Surround speakers, front turn indicators, power mirrors with integrated turn signal lights, classic door handles, side steps, all-round parking sensors, steering controls, power steering, 2WD/4WD/Lock differential buttons, Electronic stability control, Brake Assist, Blind Spot Monitoring, LCD screen, power seats/doors/windows, memory package, leather interior, Central lock, rain-sensing wipers, alloy rims, V8 engine