Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter 2014

Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter 2014 Since 1984, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation has been making a line of commercial vehicles called the Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter. The range was mostly found in big and medium-sized trucks. It is made up of big and medium-sized trucks that can be told apart by the Fighter badge on the back of each one.

First Generation (1984–1992):

The first generation Fighter replaced the FK series, which came out in February 1984. The smaller Canter and the bigger The Great, which was one of the models that people thought of when they thought of Fuso products, had the same look. The headlight on the left and right door between the panel cab and the window is something that The Great has in common.

Second Generation (1992–Present):

The first generation was replaced by the second generation, which was called Furukon Fighter and came out in July 1992. The shape of the cabin becomes more round and soft, and the headlights are changed to a variant 4 light of the projector type (export specification square 4-lamp). This light is just like any other. The Great final type came out in 1993 with a big but small change. Every day, people from all over the world ask about Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter Trucks. There are a lot of Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter Trucks in stock and ready to buy. Please check the list of all Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter Trucks Exporters in Japan or send your inquiry to get the best deals.


▪️Stock No. Y-0713 ▪️Location Khushi Motors Msa branch ▪️Vin No. FK64F ▪️Body Type. Truck ▪️Make. Mitsubishi ▪️Model Fuso fighter ▪️Mileage. ▪️Fuel Type. Diesel ▪️Engine Capacity 7600cc ▪️ the Year 2014 ▪️Transmission Manual ▪️Drive Type 2WD ▪️Ext Color. Pearl ▪️Int. Color. Black ▪️Doors. 3 ▪️Seats. 2 ▪️Drive side. Right Hand Side

Additional features:

Carrying capacity 2750Kg, Vehicle weight 5120Kg, Vehicle total weight 7980Kg, Length 882cm, width 229cc, height 316cm. ▪️