Nissan Note 2016:

Without a doubt! This is the Nissan Note 2016, a loyal, frugal, and adaptable hatchback that makes a great everyday driver. Let's take a closer look: The 2016 Nissan Note is comparable to a modern and useful friend. Its compact dimensions and elegant design allow it to go through city streets with ease, while its inside is roomy. It's a surprisingly roomy and flexible cabin once you go inside. With so much room for both people and baggage, it's almost like a little wonder. The Note performs with agility and outstanding fuel economy. It is ideal for navigating in urban environments due to its nimble handling and responsive engine. With pieces designed with urban living in mind, the Note is a great city car. It is a practical option for city inhabitants due to its small size, simplicity of parking, and excellent visibility. The Note has useful technological characteristics. It is like having a tech-savvy friend who ensures convenience and safety, thanks to its user-friendly infotainment system and safety pieces. In terms of dependability, the Note excels. It provides cost and dependability, much like having a trustworthy partner for everyday commutes. The Nissan Note 2016 is more than simply an auto; it's a useful and effective travel partner. It promises a pleasurable driving experience by combining comfort, ability, and practicality, much like a trustworthy buddy. A dependable and adaptable auto for everyday usage, the Note guarantees a comfortable and convenient ride whether you're speeding through city traffic or running errands.


  • Stock No.                      Z-1161
  • Vin No.                            E12
  • Body Type.               Hatchback
  • Make.                           Nissan
  • Model                           Note
  • Mileage.                  138784km
  • Fuel Type.                 Petrol
  • Engine Capacity     1200cc
  • Year                             2016
  • Transmission          Automatic
  • Drive Type                  2WD
  • Ext Color.                     Pearl
  • Int. Color.             Grey/Black
  • Doors.                            5
  • Seats.                              5
  • Drive side.             Right Hand Side
Additional features: High beam LED lights, push start button, auto on/off mode, Traction control, Lane departure, AC, cup holders, TV, Reverse camera, automatic side mirrors, ample boot space,