Subaru Trezia 2014

The Subaru Trezia 2014 is a small MPV that was made by Subaru and Toyota together. not created by Subaru, but it contains some Subaru-specific details on the website and a lot of stock Subaru-specific features. In 2010, Toyota owned 16% of Subaru shares, and they came up with a plan to make more people aware of the Subaru brand in Europe. The Subaru Trezia 1.4D Limited has a 1364 cm3 (83.2 cu in) Inline 4 Diesel engine. It is the best car that the company makes, and it is the only one in its class that comes with all-wheel drive and the traditional boxer engine. In Australia, the Legacy was sold as the Liberty out of respect for Legacy Australia, an organization that helps military veterans' families. The 2022 Subaru Legacy is expected to be 76 out of 100 in terms of how reliable it will be. J.D. Power predicts that a reliability score of 91 to 100 is the best, 81 to 90 is great, 70 to 80 is average, and 0 to 69 is fair and below average.


▪️Stock No: Y-0598 ▪️Location: Khushi Motors: Msa branch ▪️Vin No: NSP120-6008864 ▪️Body Type: Hatchback ▪️Make: Subaru ▪️Model: Trezia ▪️Mileage: 153917Km ▪️Fuel Type: Petrol ▪️Engine Capacity: 1300cc ▪️Year: 2014 ▪️Transmission: Automatic ▪️Drive Type: 2WD ▪️Ext Color: Silver ▪️Int. Color: Black ▪️Doors: 5 ▪️Seats: 5 ▪️Drive side. Right Hand Side

Additional Features:

Daytime running lights, Turn signal mirrors, Music system steering controls, Engine Start-Stop button, Traction control, Power windows/mirrors/doors, Ample boot space,