Suzuki Carry 2016:

The 2016 Suzuki Carry is a tiny and dependable workhorse ideal for enterprises, tradespeople, and small-scale transport operations. This adaptable and compact business vehicle has long been a good option for companies looking for cost-effective and practical transportation options. tiny form: The Suzuki Carry's tiny form makes it extremely give, allowing it to easily cross through congested urban areas and traffic. It's a limited option for small-scale transportation and urban delivery. freight Capacity: Despite its compact dimensions, the Suzuki Carry has a large freight volume. The rear cargo area is large and customizable to meet a variety of commercial needs, making it excellent for delivering goods, tools, or equipment. Fuel Economy: The 2016 Suzuki Carry is noted for its excellent fuel economy. Its logical engine ensures that you can perform your chores while keeping your operating costs low, making it a viable option for activity looking to maximize their budget. Driver Comfort: While the Suzuki Carry prioritizes utility, it also provides a comfortable and fitting driving environment. Air conditioning, power steering, and a well-organized dashboard layout all parts to a more enjoyable driving experience, even while travelling for lengthy periods of time. Safety Features: Because safety is a top priority, the Suzuki Carry comes standard with anti-lock brakes (ABS) and airbags to protect both the driver and the cargo. In conclusion, the 2016 Suzuki Carry is a practical and dependable option for businesses and people looking for a compact and efficient commercial vehicle. Its small size, fuel ability, cargo volume, and emphasis on driver comfort make it an ideal choice for a variety of transportation requirements.


  • Stock No.                     A23-8
  • Vin No.                          DA16
  • Body Type.             Mini Truck
  • Make.                          Suzuki
  • Model                          Carry
  • Mileage.                  116186 km
  • Fuel Type.                   Petrol
  • Engine Capacity         660cc
  • Year                              2016
  • Transmission          Manual
  • Drive Type                2WD
  • Ext Color.                White
  • Int. Color.                Grey
  • Doors.                          2
  • Seats.                           2
  • Drive side.        Right Hand Side
Additional features: Carrying capacity 350kg, Vehicle weight 900kg, Vehicle total weight 1360kg, High beam LED headlamps, spare tire, Radio , AC, Cup holders.