Suzuki Every 2015:

The 2015 Suzuki Every is a Kei car that is ideal for daily commuting and city driving. It is a versatile and useful minivan. It's a well-liked option in Asian markets and provides a small yet roomy inside, making it perfect for moving people and things around cities. Here is a summary of the 2015 Suzuki Every's main attributes and features: Exterior and Design: The outside of the 2015 Suzuki Every is generally boxy and narrow, maximizing inside space while maintaining a short overall footprint. Large windows for great utility and sliding rear doors for simple riders access are pieces of its utilitarian design. Interior & Seating: The Every's cabin is surprisingly spacious and well-designed. It can comfortably fit up to five passengers or act as a cargo van to deliver goods, depending on the layout. It is quite flexible for a variety of transportation demands because the rear seats are frequently foldable or removable to make more cargo room. Fuel Economy: The 2015 Suzuki Every has a reputation for having outstanding fuel ability, which is a big benefit for those trying to save money on petrol. The vehicle's small engine and lightweight design help it achieve outstanding mileage numbers. To sum up, the 2015 Suzuki Every is a flexible and affordable minivan made to suit the requirements of urban drivers and companies in need of effective transportation options. Its tiny size, roomy inside, and economical operation make it suitable for a range of uses, from small-scale cargo transportation to family commutes. The 2015 Suzuki Every is a viable option if you're searching for a vehicle that is frugal and practical for city driving.


  • Stock No                                                      Z-0064
  • Location                                           Khushi Motors Msa branch
  • Vin No                                                           DA17V
  • Body Type                                                    Minivan
  • Make                                                              Suzuki
  • Model                                                             Every
  • Mileage                                                        135266km
  • Fuel Type                                                      Petrol
  • Engine Capacity                                          660cc
  • Year                                                                2015
  • Transmission                                            Automatic
  • Drive Type                                                    2WD
  • Ext Color                                                      White
  • Int. Color                                                      Grey
  • Doors                                                                5
  • Seats                                                                 5
  • Drive side                                               Right Hand Side
Additional Features: Carrying capacity 350kg, Cars weight 920kg, Total weight 1390kg