Toyota Axio 2016:

The 2016 Toyota Axio is an excellent sedan that merges comfort, functionality, and efficiency, making it a good option for a range of lifestyles. You'll have a simple ride when operating the Axio. Drives in the city and on long highway stretches are equally enjoyable thanks to the engine's efficient performance. The vehicle's sleek design strikes a compromise between performance and economy when it comes to fuel ability. As soon as you walk inside, the carefully thought-out interior welcomes you. Both the driver and the passengers will enjoy a comfortable and supportive ride thanks to the comfy seats. The Axio maximizes comfort and convenience on every trip with its generous legroom and ingenious storage compartments. With its pieces that are easy to use, the Axio makes driving more straightforward. Its well-organized controls and user-friendly infotainment system make it simple to operate, letting you concentrate more on the road ahead. Toyota's Axio demonstrates its reputation for responsibility. It's a durable car with a reputation for needing little maintenance. Its practicality also extends to its roomy trunk, which makes it perfect for longer journeys with bags or everyday commuting. As always, the Axio prioritizes safety. Airbags, safety control, and ABS are just a few of the cutting-edge safety pieces that provide the driver and passengers peace of mind. The 2016 Toyota Axio is a well-rounded package ideal for people looking for a dependable, cozy, and effective sedan. It is a great option for individuals searching for a dependable daily driver who performs well in a variety of driving situations because it merges fuel ability, comfort, user-friendly pieces, and responsibility.


  • Stock No.                          A23-277
  • Vin No.                              NZE161
  • Body Type.                        Sedan
  • Make.                                 Toyota
  • Model                                   Axio
  • Mileage.                           66132km
  • Fuel Type.                         Petrol
  • Engine Capacity              1500cc
  • Year                                      2016
  • Transmission                   Manual
  • Drive Type                          2WD
  • Ext Colour.                        White
  • Int. Color.                           Grey
  • Doors.                                     4
  • Seats.                                      5
  • Drive side.                    Right Hand Side
  Additional features: High Beam Xenon headlights, power mirrors with integrated turn signal lights, bumper vent, key entry, AC, Break pedal on the passenger side ,pad traction control, ABS, double side mirrors, ample boot space.