Toyota DYNA 2016:

The Toyota Dyna of 2016 is a dependable and flexible commercial vehicle built to meet a variety of business requirements. The Dyna is a sensible solution for organizations in need of a dependable truck due to its sturdy build quality and logical performance. The Dyna is available in a variety of configurations, allowing organizations to tailor the vehicle to their exact needs. It has a variety of body designs, including flatbed, box, and tipper choices, making it suitable for a wide range of industries, including transportation, construction, and landscaping. The Dyna is powered by a variety of diesel engines that are noted for their durability and fuel ability. These engines provide enough power and torque to handle high loads and difficult terrain, providing dependable performance on the road. The Dyna's inside prioritizes process and driver comfort. The inside has a well-organized and ergonomic structure, with fitting storage compartments and controls that are easy to reach. The comfy seating and driver-friendly pieces make driving enjoyable even after long hours on the road. The Dyna prioritizes safety with equipment including ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), SRS airbags, and a solid chassis structure. These safety pieces give both the driver and the cargo with peace of mind and protection. In conclusion, the Toyota Dyna 2016 is a practical and dependable commercial vehicle built to satisfy the needs of enterprises. The Dyna provides a trustworthy alternative for enterprises in need of a capable workhorse thanks to its numerous configurations, economical performance, practical cabin, and emphasis on safety.


  • Stock No.                            A23-147
  • Vin No.                                KDY221
  • Body Type                           Canter
  • Make.                                    Toyota
  • Model                                     Dyna
  • Fuel Type                           Diesel
  • Engine Capacity               3000cc
  • Year                                       2016
  • Transmission                 Automatic
  • Drive Type                           2WD
  • Ext Color.                            White
  • Int. Color.                              Grey
  • Doors.                                         2
  • Seats.                                           3
  • Drive side.                    Right Hand Side
Additional Features: Engine model 1KDFTV, Fog lights, Carrying capacity 1200kg/Cars weight 1720kg/Total 3085kg, AC, Power windows, Two spare tires.