Toyota Fielder 2015:

2015 saw the introduction of the Toyota Fielder, a small station wagon that successfully combined process, order, and dependability. The Fielder made a name for itself as a solid option for individuals and families seeking a balance between process and benefit thanks to its adaptable inside, fuel-efficient engine, and modern pieces. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness The 2015 Fielder has a variety of effective engines under the hood that blend performance and fuel order. The Fielder's agile handling and comfortable ride make for a pleasurable driving experience while minimizing fuel consumption, whether you're weaving through traffic or cruising down the highway. Adaptability and Usability The Fielder is a prime example of Toyota's commitment to possibility in design. Everyday groceries to larger loads may be transported with ease thanks to the spacious cargo compartment and flexible rear seats. The Fielder's usability is increased in size by its utility beyond regular commuting if it fits a variety of lifestyles. Reliability and Excellence The 2015 Toyota Fielder carries on the brand's reputation for dependability. Toyota automobiles are famous for their durable construction and low maintenance. They instill confidence in every drive. The Fielder is no different, making sure you have a trustworthy friend for years to come. Conclusion The 2015 Toyota Fielder is the epitome of dependability, order, and utility. It is a practical option for both individuals and families due to its practical design, adaptable cabin, fuel-efficient performance, and modern pieces. Regardless of whether you value comfort, affordability, or adaptability more, the Fielder provides a well-rounded driving experience that fits a variety of needs and lifestyles.


  • Stock No                                             Z-0001
  • Location                               Khushi Motors Msa branch
  • Vin No                                                NZE161
  • Body Type                                      Station wagon
  • Make                                                    Toyota
  • Model                                                  Fielder
  • Mileage                                            126026km
  • Fuel Type                                             Petrol
  • Engine Capacity                                 1500cc
  • Year                                                       2015
  • Transmission                                    Manual
  • Drive Type                                      2WD Front
  • Ext Color                                             White
  • Int. Color                                            Grey
  • Doors                                                     5
  • Seats                                                      5
  • Drive Side                                     Right-Hand Side
Additional Features: High Beam LED headlights, power mirrors with integrated turn signal lights, rear spoiler with integrated brake lights, keyless entry, steering controls, LCD screen, auto start/stop, with, front and rear AC, traction control, ABS, ample boot space.