Toyota Hilux D Cabin 2015:

A popular option for many applications, the 2015 Toyota Hilux D-Cabin is an excellent pickup truck that merges ruggedness, responsibility, and utility. This vehicle has a powerful engine that provides outstanding power and strong performance both on and off the road. It demonstrates its volume as a loyal workhorse by effortlessly handling difficult terrain and large loads. The Hilux D-Cabin excels in both power and usefulness. It can carry large items on its roomy and sturdy cargo bed, which is ideal for carrying gear for outdoor outings or building supplies. Constructed to embrace adventure, the Hilux D-Cabin effortlessly exhibits its off-road prowess. For off-road aficionados, the four-wheel-drive system and sturdy suspension provide grip over difficult terrain. The cabin's inside is a well-appointed, cozy area. Comfortable seats guarantee a pleasurable driving experience even on extended trips. The robust shell and resilient inside both withstand the rigours of diverse tasks. A top priority in the Hilux D-Cabin is safety. It has cutting-edge safety systems installed to guarantee the security of the driver and other occupants. Furthermore, drivers may feel certain in the truck's longevity and minimal maintenance costs because to Toyota's stellar reputation for responsibility. Beyond just a pickup truck, the 2015 Toyota Hilux D-Cabin is a dependable partner for work and play. It is a great option for people looking for a trustworthy and capable car that can accommodate a variety of needs because of its combination of strong performance, adaptable utility, off-road capabilities, and a cozy inside.


  • Stock No.                                    KEN-0231
  • Vin No.                                        AHTTFZ2
  • Body Type.                                   Pickup
  • Make.                                             Toyota
  • Model                                         Hilux D Cabin
  • Mileage.                                       120336km
  • Fuel Type.                                      Diesel
  • Engine Capacity                          3000cc
  • Year                                                2015
  • Transmission                             Automatic
  • Drive Type                                     4WD
  • Ext Color.                                      Silver
  • Int. Color.                                      Black
  • Doors.                                              5
  • Seats.                                                5
  • Drive side.                         Right Hand Side
  Additional Features: High beam halogen headlights, Fog lights, Alloyrims, Tv/ CD/Radio/Bluetooth/USB/Aux, AC, 6 speed, Reverse Camera,4WD optional knob, Turbo Timer, Power mirrors/windows, Mirrors with turn signals, Parking sensors, Steering controls, Key entry, Ample boot space.