Toyota Passo 2015:

A subcompact automobile with a focus on utility, fuel economy, and maneuverability is the 2015 Toyota Passo. The Passo, a vehicle from Toyota, is renowned for its small size, effective engine options, and cozy interior. Here is a description of the 2015 Toyota Passo: Exterior Design: The exterior of the 2015 Toyota Passo is simple and plain. It is a good option for urban driving and navigating through congested streets because it is simple and compact. The Passo's compact size makes parking simple and has outstanding maneuverability, making it ideal for city living. Interior & Comfort: The Passo's inside is meant to maximize room and comfort despite its small size. It is good for small families or urban commuters because it normally has enough headroom and legroom for both front and rear passengers. The materials inside the cabin are practical and simple to maintain, and the seats are comfortable for extended trips. Anti-lock brakes, safety control, and several airbags are among the basic safety features that the Passo may come equipped with. It may not have the cutting-edge safety pieces seen in some more recent versions, but its small size and sturdy design help to increase overall safety. The 2015 Toyota Passo is a useful and efficient subcompact vehicle suited for travelling in cities and suburban areas. It is a good option for individuals looking for an affordable and simple-to-drive vehicle due to its tiny size, comfy cabin, and modest technological pieces. The Passo may not have the most cutting-edge technology or opulent materials, but its emphasis on ability and practicality sets it apart and has made it a popular option for people looking for an easy and affordable method of transportation for doing errands and commuting on a daily basis.


  • Stock No.                                                                                      Z-0328
  • Location:                                                                     Khushi Motors Msa branch
  • Vin No.                                                                                           KGC30
  • Body Type.                                                                                  Hatchback
  • Make.                                                                                              Toyota
  • Model                                                                                               Passo
  • Mileage.                                                                                       102654km
  • Fuel Type.                                                                                       Petrol
  • Engine Capacity                                                                            1000cc
  • Year                                                                                                   2015
  • Transmission                                                                            Automatic
  • Drive Type                                                                                 2WD front
  • Ext Color.                                                                                        Blue
  • Int. Color.                                                                                      Grey
  • Doors.                                                                                               5
  • Seats.                                                                                                5
  • Drive Side                                                                           Right Hand Side
Additional features: X grade, Halogen headlights, alloy rims, power windows/doors/mirrors, engine start-stop system, traction control, driver armrest with cup holder section, ample boot space.