Toyota PORTE 2016:

The Toyota Porte 2016 is a practical, logical, and user-friendly urban car that is small and plastic. This model is well-liked by city riders who are looking for comfort and benefits because of its small size, great strength, and roomy cabin. The Porte emphasizes utility and benefit of use in urban settings with its typical and small outside design. Its compact size and sliding rear doors make it easier to use in limited parking areas and provide passengers with simple access and retreat. The Porte prioritizes benefits and fuel economy thanks to its cheap engine. It is the perfect option for negotiating crowded city streets and urban environments due to its lightweight build, which also enhances agile handling and maneuverability. The inside of the Porte is exceptionally roomy considering its small size, which makes it a striking feature. Because of the ingenious design, passengers have plenty of headroom and legroom inside. Its plastic seating arrangements and easy-to-use pieces provide ease and flexibility for a range of requirements. In the Porte, Toyota puts ease and usefulness first. The car is ideal for daily commuting and conducting errands in urban locations because of its small size and simple entry and exit. Its focus on process and simplicity appeals to drivers looking for a car that is easy to use and efficient. The Toyota Porte 2016 is still a sensible and effective option for city commuters, providing a harmonious blend of small size, roomy cabin, and user-friendliness. Its focus on ability, adaptability, and possibility makes it a desirable choice for people commuting through cities, offering a pleasant and convenient driving experience suited for metropolitan settings.


  • Stock No.                                      Z-1129
  • Vin No.                                         NSP141
  • Body Type.                                Hatchback
  • Make.                                             Toyota
  • Model                                              Porte
  • Mileage                                       85345km
  • Fuel Type                              Regular gasoline
  • Engine Capacity                          1500cc
  • Year                                                  2016
  • Transmission                            Automatic
  • Drive Type                                2WD Front
  • Ext Color                                       Beige
  • Int. Color                                       Grey
  • Doors                                                 4
  • Seats                                                   5
  • Drive Side                                  Right-Hand Side
Additional features: Grade Y, Engine type 2NRFKE, Fog lights, Halogen headlights, Power sliding door, Turn signal mirrors, Central lock, Power windows, Traction control, Defroster button, Reclining rear seats.