Toyota Probox 2016:

Among small commercial vehicles, the Toyota Probox 2016 is a dependable and sensible option that is well-known for its adaptability, robustness, and usefulness. This vehicle is the perfect example of Toyota's industry to provide a reliable and effective commercial vehicle.
The Probox has an attractive outside design that is simple and utilitarian, emphasizing usefulness. Because of its boxy shape, which optimizes cargo range and internal space, it is perfect for commercial or freight transportation. The car is easy to maneuver in urban environments thanks to its tiny proportions. The Probox's inside is straightforward but effective, putting utility before luxury. The cabin's seating arrangements are cozy, and its simple controls make it easy for users to use. The car places a strong emphasis on utility and includes basic pieces and luxuries that are appropriate for business use. The robust construction and steady functioning of the Probox are consistent with Toyota's reputation for responsibility. The vehicle is a feasible option for business operators because of its high fuel ability, minimal maintenance costs, and durability in harsh work settings. In the tiny commercial market, the Toyota Probox 2016 continues to be a useful and practical car that appeals to companies and individuals looking for a loyal and adaptable workhorse. Its focus on affordability, responsibility, and possibility makes it a top option for a range of commercial applications if a simple, trustworthy transportation option for both consumers and companies. Never let anything hold you back! A 2Toyota Probox 2016 is available right now at Khushi Motor.


  • Stock No.                                 Z-1127
  • Vin No.                                    NCP160V
  • Body Type                                Wagon
  • Make                                         Toyota
  • Model                                       Probox
  • Mileage                                    90458km
  • Fuel Type                             Regular gasoline
  • Engine Capacity                         1500cc
  • Year                                              2016
  • Transmission                              CVT
  • Drive Type                             2WD Front
  • Ext Color                                     White
  • Int. Color                                     Grey
  • Doors                                              5
  • Seats                                               5
  • Drive Side                            Right-Hand Side
Additional Features: DX Grade Engine 1NZ-FE, Fuel tank capacity 50 liters, ABS, 14-inch rims, Traction control, Power mirrors, Power boot.