Volkswagen Touareg 2013:

A midsize luxury SUV that combines sophistication, comfort, and potent performance is the 2013 Volkswagen Touareg. The Touareg has become a favorite among lovers of luxury SUVs and daring drivers alike because of its premium style, cutting-edge technologies, and powerful capabilities. The 2013 Touareg oozes class and excellent craftsmanship. It conveys a sense of luxury and sophistication thanks to its striking front grille, slender lines, and high-quality finishes. Every travel is a truly premium experience thanks to the high-quality materials and great attention to detail found inside the cabin. The 2013 Touareg has a variety of strong engine options, each of which delivers remarkable performance. The Touareg has strong acceleration and smooth power delivery whether you choose the V6 or the V8 engine, making it a great option for both daily commuting and long-distance trips. Volkswagen places a high focus on safety, and the 2013 Touareg comes outfitted with a wide range of safety features. The SUV is equipped with several airbags, stability control, and cutting-edge braking systems to safeguard occupants in the event of an accident and provide you and your loved ones peace of mind. In conclusion, the 2013 Volkswagen Touareg is a superb luxury SUV that skillfully melds style, power, and comfort. The Touareg provides a first-rate driving experience that meets all of your needs, whether you're looking for a sophisticated daily commuter or an adventurous partner.


  • Stock No.                                  CGK-T04
  • Vin No.                                     WVGZZZ7
  • Body Type                                     SUV
  • Make.                                      Volkswagen
  • Model                                         Touareg
  • Fuel Type                                    Petrol
  • Engine Capacity                        3000cc
  • Year                                               2013
  • Transmission                         Automatic
  • Drive Type                                    4WD
  • Ext Color.                                      Black
  • Int. Color.                                     Black
  • Doors.                                                5
  • Seats.                                                  5
  • Drive side.                                Right Hand Side
  Additional features: Xenon headlamps, LED daytime running lights, Headlight washers, Fog lights, Alloy rims, Dual exhaust pipes, Leather interior, Auto trunk, Seat memory, power mirrors/doors/windows/seats/steering, Steering controls, Cruise control, Sensor key ignition as well as push to start, Radio/Media/Climate/Traffic/Navigation/Phone, E-Mode, Traction control, Heigh lock, On Road/Off Road knob, Power parking brakes with auto hold, wood trims, Dual AC, Driver and Passenger armrests with cup holders, Ample boot space.